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Achieving your ROI goals with flying colors in operating and calculating telematics is an achievable target, but have you considered an ongoing platform that works utterly to financially save you a great amount in the long run? I2TC is designed for organizations that are in need of support for long periods regarding telematics data management. 

Our main objective when we are introduced to your program is to evaluate the amount of time it will take us to run it and analyze the data because our primary objective is to elevate this weight from the customer.

I2TC team is already familiar with your programs as well as we provide adequate training for most of the available platforms on the market to our personnel. 

We have the capacity to contain what you have!

- Dedicated industry consultant
- A real understanding of your business
- Support in data management
- Partnership
- Guaranteed long term advancement

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Check out some interesting facts about our team.


Our team has the capacity to keep track of all of your fleet’s demands regardless of the urgency, we are also equipped and trained in various other aspects and suit your requirements

Strong Leaders

Our leadership stems from long years running one of the best telematics service provider companies and successfully leading the team to achieve their personal goals as well as the company.

Qualified Experts

Our operations team is qualified with years of practice and adequate training along the way.

Client Oriented

Our main goal when it comes to bringing the best out of your fleet is to minimize your workload and keep you running with the best results.

Rich Experience

With I2TC, your journey will include multiple areas being covered by our team dedicated specifically to your fleet.