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Fleet management is complex and quite a necessary process for any business that owns assets or fleets. With a variety of systems on the market, this may be quite easy to secure a platform. What may become a challenge with time – is being able to manage it, and derive all the right KPIs from it to access the real efficiency. Technical trainings take time, and retaining a team of individuals able to perform the task may sometimes be very resource consuming. Which is why i2tc is here to help! We shall take the edge off you by analyzing your systems and providing you with the bottom lines and the reports only. Moreover, our expert team will assist with improvements and integration, and will be there to help you implement the better driving practices across your team of drivers, managers, and the operations teams
We’ll take data and process it to come out with information valuable to you - keeping in mind accuracy and speed. By giving you necessary General Efficiency, Fuel Management, Driver Efficiency, Maintenance, Temperature, and Tailored Reports.
Through the reports we generate we save you the trouble and compare dynamics of current periods with the previous ones, underline areas for potential improvements, and bring your attention to outstanding issues
We’ll have a list of solutions and techniques ready at your disposal tailored to the needs of your fleet. You will have access to them as well as access to the team who generated them for any queries, questions, or amendments

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